No debt collection, no negative ZEK code, but the loan application was nevertheless rejected

Do you have a job and a good income, and there are no current debt collection and loss certificates, or past ones? You have no entry in the Delta Vista file? You have never made a loan application before, your credit card payments are made on time and therefore no negative code has been entered for you at ZEK?

The conditions seem ideal to get a loan. You have therefore submitted a loan application online and are confident. The answer can actually only be positive.

24 hours later you no longer understand the world: the bank rejected your loan application! How could that happen?


A solid financial position is not a guarantee for the granting of a loan

financial loan

Many people believe that a secure job as well as a lack of debt enforcement, loss certificates and ZEK codes guarantee the granting of a loan. You are wrong, because unfortunately (or fortunately) these are not the only criteria for banks. And it is better not to receive a rejection from the bank, as a rejection with the corresponding code is entered at ZEK.


The 8 most important reasons for a rejection despite a secure financial situation

financial loan

  1. You are under the age of 18 (stricter conditions apply to applicants under 25).
  2. The amount of your loan application is above the legally permitted maximum amount (calculated from your income and your burdens).
  3. Your Category B driving license was issued less than 6 months ago.
  4. You are a cross-border commuter, you work in the canton of Vaud and the duration of your employment contract with the same employer is less than 3 years.
  5. You receive disability insurance benefits and the amount of your loan application is five times the monthly pension.
  6. You are an international civil servant with a primary residence abroad.
  7. You are married and your spouse’s financial situation is uncertain and has current or past debt collection.
  8. Your scoring assigns you to a risk group. Example: Frequent change of job and residence, nationality, type of employment, income level, etc.


Tips to avoid rejection

loan rejected

As you can see, there are many different reasons for rejecting a loan application. To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is best to contact a recognized broker who knows the KKG and the requirements of the various banks in detail.

All Coreline Credit customer advisors are accredited specialists who will accompany you free of charge in the various steps of the application process. With individual advice and in-depth analysis of each application, you maximize your chances of getting a loan from the bank.